Super Structure

Set out perimeter walls and internal if specified.

Take the build up to wall plate fitting first floor joists at first floor level.

Lay wall plate and secure ready to take roof structure.

If the super structure is to be built from block, the first course of block will need to be set out as the spec states, marking internal room layouts and perimeters. The damp proof course’s (DPC’s,) will need to be laid out and weep holes set. Windows and doorways to be formed and lintels to be built in and cavity trays to be fitted where specified. Cavity insulation fixed into position as the spec states.

The super structure can be built using different methods, it may be specified that the build is to be of a timber frame detail. There are many different styles of creating a super structure from timber frame. The build can be made from timber panels with window openings and doorways pre formed by the manufacturer. The panels can be made from sheet timber material sandwiching a layer of insulation and erected in kit form. The timber frame detail can also be used with a skin of masonry.

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